Tri County Area Schools strives to keep our community informed and engaged while working toward our goal to Educate, Encourage, and Empower our students.  We offer vertically aligned curriculum, grounded in the Michigan Dept. of Education Common Core State Standards.  Through the links below, you will find information regarding TCAS curriculum and improvement plans.  We welcome feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assessments are an essential tool used at TCAS, to help us understand the learning of our students.  This help us identify areas of strength and also areas of weakness, so we are able to plan effectively meet our students' needs.
PDF DocumentK-12 Reading & Writing Curriculum Progressions
PDF DocumentEnglish Competencies & Performance Indicators
PDF DocumentK-12 Math Curriculum Progressions
PDF DocumentMath Competencies & Performance Indicators
PDF DocumentK-12 Science Curriculum Progressions
PDF DocumentK-12 Social Studies Curriculum Progressions
PDF DocumentSocial Emotional Learning Curriculum Progressions
PDF DocumentK-12 MiCI & Encore Progressions
PDF DocumentMap K-5 NWEA Literacy Testing Rollout 2022-2024
At Tri County Area Schools we create a strong foundation for our youngest learners starting at our Elementary level.  We focus on the core subjects of Reading/Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Below you will find information on what your child will learn by their current grade level.

PDF DocumentK-5 At-A-Glance Assessment Calendar
PDF DocumentK-5 ELA and Math Consistencies
PDF DocumentTri County Elementary Reading Assessment Plan
PDF DocumentK-5 TAT Process
PDF DocumentK-5 Title Process
PDF DocumentK-3 Reading Foundational Skills Assessment Flow Chart
PDF DocumentK-2 ELA Reading Standards & Learning Targets, & Links to Common Core Standards
PDF DocumentK-2 Handwriting; Letter Formations
PDF DocumentPortrait of a Viking


Video DocumentLower Case Letter Formation Video

Video DocumentUpper Case Letter Formation - Video

At TCAS our Secondary Curriculum continues to build off the strong base our students learn in the K-5 grade curriculum.  Starting in 6th-8th grades, student are introduced to a variety of encore classes where the student is able to start exploring courses of interest.  These courses continue to expand into High School grade levels, along with addtiional learning opportunities, including Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC), Newaygo County Career Tech Center (NCCTC), Early Middle College, and Dual Enrollment.

Assessments are an essential tools used at TCAS, to help us understand the learning of our students.  This helps us identify areas of strength and also areas of weakness, so we are able to plan effectively to meet our students' needs.


Assessment Resources

PDF DocumentMAP Fluency Data Analysis Form
PDF DocumentMAP Fluency - Skills Breakdown & Grade level expectations
MAP Assessment Protocols
External LinkNWEA Accommodation/Categories:  Universal features, designated features, & accommodations
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Evaluation Info

PDF Document5 Dimensions of Teaching & Learning