2017 Football Schedule & Scores

Dates and times subject to change


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Tri County Varsity Football Team

 Varsity Football

COACHES L to R – Sam Kaltz, Jack Thomas, Joe Williams, Al Parker, Phil Butler, Brandon Briggs, Tyler Arends and Julian Castillo

4th ROW L to R – Michael Nind, Henry Docter, Matt Gauthier, Morgan Greenman, Alfredo Visser, Diontae Givens

3rd ROW L to R – Bryce Dube, Tucker Slocum, Jesse Lopez, Brendan Rine, Mike Goldner, Chase Hayman, Brazen Marek

2nd ROW L to R – Tyler Heiss, Cameron Friend, Caleb Mulnix, Mathieu Flintoff, Bryce Hallman, Jacob Kaltz, Nick Bialek, Tyler Hubbard

FRONT ROW L to R – Wil McClurken, Tanner Ching, Malachi Fankhauser, Kyle Durham, Zane Zuzula, Kyle Proctor, Caden Luchies, Ethan Rose, John Bogardus



Tri County JV Football Team

JV Football

5th ROW L to R –  Coach Kaltz, Coach Arends, Coach Briggs, Coach Riley, Coach Castillo

4th ROW L to R – Brandon Fessenden, Clayton Paepke, Matthew Greenfield

3rd ROW L to R – Nicholas Prater, Dominick Goldner, Jordan White, Gregory Miller, Jacob Duvall, Austin Nelson

2nd ROW L to R – Sawyer Knox, Hunter Dewey, Trent Overla, Keegan Cavazos, Hunter Hawley, Glen Tobias, Thomas Johnson

FRONT ROW L to R -  Johnathan Nelson, Christopher Kuieck, Brandyn Veneklasen, Carson Wagner, Ethan Riley, Nathan Dewey, Adam Becker, Nathan Smits