Board of Education

Board of Education Members

Brian Campbell
Janice Dewey
Jill Fennessy
Lana Ford
Jennifer Gould
Janet Powell
Vice President
MaDonna Princer

January Issue by Janice Dewey, Board Secretary


Happy New Year, 2019, to All!

It’s time again – for reflecting on the year gone by, for celebrating what we’ve accomplished, for renewing our commitment to doing good work, and to moving forward, together, as we seek new opportunities to fulfill our mission and vision here at Tri County.

So, we'd like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that our mission is to Educate, Encourage, and Empower, and our vision is to lead the way in educational opportunities for the successful future of each of our students. 

All of us serving on the Board of Education are passionate, excited, and focused on doing whatever it takes in the New Year to follow our mission and make our vision reality.  Together in Education, We are TC!

Yours in education,

Jan Dewey, Secretary
Board of Education\
Tri County Area Schools