Board of Education

Board of Education Members

Our school board members are entrusted with the important work of shaping the education of our youngest citizens. They dedicate countless hours to creating the mission, vision and goals that drive our schools.

They are dedicated to creating a school culture where collaboration and continuous learning are valued and displayed throughout our system.

The seven members of the Tri County Area Schools Board of Education do this by always keeping children as the center of their work and decision making.

Brian Campbell
Treasurer, Term Expires: 2022
Janice Dewey
Secretary, Term Expires: 2020
Jill Fennessy
President, Term Expires: 2020
Lana Ford
Trustee, Term Expires: 2024
Jennifer Gould
Trustee, Term Expires: 2024
Janet Powell
Vice President, Term Expires: 2022
MaDonna Princer
Trustee, Term Expires: 2024

Board Meetings

BOE Regular Meetings

TC Educational Service Center
Board Room, 7:00 PM

BOE Workshop

TC Educational Service Center
Board Room, 6:30 PM

2020 Meeting Dates

January 27*
February 10, 24*
March 9, 23*
April 13, 27*
May 11, 18*
June 8, 22*



Public Participation at Board Meetings

Board meetings are held for the purpose of conducting the business of the district and are not public meetings, but meetings held in public. All regular and special meetings of the board shall be open to the public.

The board desires to hear the viewpoints of citizens, students, and employee organizations and shall schedule times at all meetings for them to be heard.

When addressing the board during Public Comment, state your name and address at the start of your comment. Please limit your comments to three minutes.
Audience time is not intended as a forum for public debate. Questions raised may require further investigation. Normally, the board will wait until its next meeting before responding to concerns raised.

Questions & Concerns

Residents of the community are encouraged to communicate with Tri County Area Schools educators and school board members.

School-related problems can usually best be solved by talking with the employee closest to the problem, i.e. teachers, support staff, principal. It is there that most problems can be quickly and productively resolved. 

If questions still remain, please contact the Superintendent. And, if you're convinced that further action is required, your next step is to submit it to the Board of Education. You may address the Board at a board meeting during the Public Comment portion of the agenda or in writing to the Board of Education, 94 Cherry Street, PO Box 79, Sand Lake, MI  49343.

April Issue by MaDonna Princer, Board Trustee


Happy Spring Vikings!

Wow!  Who would of thought this is how we would have started out our spring season.  As my family and I are trying to figure out and settle into our new “norm”, I am reflecting on all the positive things going on around us.  It has been incredible to see so many people in the community coming together and supporting each other.  The great, heartfelt work of our TCAS staff getting meals to children in the district is amazing.  I have also seen such generous outpouring of support for our local businesses. For the most part, the weather has been great.  I see families enjoying walks, bike rides, time out in the yard, and many dogs out for walks.  Getting outside together almost daily has been so good for my family. As a family we have tried to make the most of our new normal by enjoying and celebrating the little things and the simplicity of things.  It seems life has slowed down just a bit, and even though that may make us feel out of sorts at first, it seems to be becoming a welcomed breath of fresh air.  Don’t get me wrong, we are all looking forward to seeing our friends and loved ones in person, going out to eat, and seeing the next great film at the theatre.  But for now, we will enjoy our time together.  This too shall pass is a phrase I keep reminding my family.  And when it does, there will be new hurdles to overcome, new norms to adapt to, but I have no doubt this community will do just that.  After all, We Are TC!

Sending continued prayers and well wishes from our family to yours and a special shout out of thanks and gratitude to all the essential workers in our community.

MaDonna Princer​​​​​​​
Board of Education Trustee