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Lana Ford
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Janet Powell
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MaDonna Princer

June Issue by Lana Ford, Board Trustee


Dear Tri County Community,

    As another school year comes to an end, we want to congratulate the class of 2018. The graduation ceremony was a time to commemorate their achievements, anticipate for future opportunities, and embrace a world of infinite possibilities. We know each of our graduates will find their path to success and we wish each of them well on their journey.

    Also, thank you to our community for voting on May 8, to restore our operating millage. We appreciate the support and trust you have in the Tri County School system. Thanks to each of you, so we can continue providing our students with valuable learning experiences that will better prepare each of them for future success.

    We would be remiss if we did not mention the retirement of several of our teachers and support staff. Jennifer Arnold, Chris Overbeek, Lisa Vos, Joyce Stoll, Melinda Sheldon and Sue Amacher will be missed next school year. Each of you have made significant contributions in the lives of our Tri County students. Good teachers and support staff are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things. Happy retirement and thank you for serving our students.

    Have a wonderful summer with your family. If you have any questions regarding your student’s schedule for next school year, school offices open two weeks prior to the start of school. Never hesitate to call. Remember, school starts on August 22, 2018.  Thank you for allowing us to serve the TC School District!

We are TC!
Lana Ford