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March Issue by Brian Campbell, Board Treasurer


     In November, Tri County Area Schools sought a bond that was voted down. Since that time, the Board of Education and Administration have gathered feedback from the community through a community survey. We appreciate the feedback as it helps us understand why the community decided against that proposal.  The three notable areas of concern were the increase to taxes for individuals, the amount toward athletics, and the desire to see more go into academics.
     The Board of Education has worked with Administration and reduced the scope of the original bond proposal, with specifics to the feedback we received in the survey. These revisions cut many supplementary costs, while maintaining and directing money toward a focus on education.   The necessary improvements will also help position the District to improve our financial future through operational efficiencies (another point of feedback by the community).  We again thank our community for the feedback, and want you to know that many hours of deliberation and scrutiny went into the revised proposal.  Our goal is to be respectful to the community, while still allowing the District to meet the vision of Educating, Encouraging and Empowering our students.

     The new Tri County Area Schools bond proposal will be on the May 7, 2019 ballot. We are currently updating all the changes and will be sharing this with the community as soon as possible.  You may also visit the informational website at for more facts.   Please note, that by law, a school district is only allowed to distribute facts about the bond. Any information that is put out by Tri County Area Schools must be factual.

     We appreciate the continued support and feedback from our community as we work through the bond proposal.  We are also pleased to share that the anticipated road from Amy School to the High School campus will be completed this summer.  We thank you for the support of the sinking fund that helped make this sight circulation improvement a reality for Tri County.

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Brian Campbell