The State of Michigan, under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, has launched the choice for parents to request that their student(s), in grades 5-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a currently scheduled course.Tri County Area Schools supports online learning and as a district; we pride ourselves on  innovative uses of technology to support learning. Keeping in line with our districts motto of helping every child achieve their best future, our goal is for academic accomplishment and student growth. We do, however, encourage parents to consider carefully if a 100% online course is ideal for their child given the fact that they will be forfeiting face-to-face interaction with a teacher.

Parents should carefully consider the unique qualities of their child when deciding if an online class is right for him/her.  These factors include:

Can your student self-advocate to seek help within a virtual setting?

Can your student create and maintain a study schedule without the face-to-face instruction of a teacher?

Does your student possess independent study habits needed to complete an entire course online without direct supervision?

Does your student have the reading, writing, math and computer literacy skills to succeed in a class that is completely online?  

Prerequisite: Permission of Counselor

Course Description: An interactive teacher directed internet-connected learning environment, in which pupils are separated from their teachers by time/location. Beginning the 2015-16 school year, all 21F courses will be granted a letter grade.

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NCRESA offers our students afternoon classes ranging from Arts & Communication to Cosmetology to Mechatronics or Welding!  Bussing is provided, leaving TCHS at 11:25 am and arriving back on campus at 3:10 pm.  Students must make arrangements for a ride home from the high school as this program arrives back to TCHS too late for our students to utilize our district bus program.


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KCTC is located on East Beltline in Grand Rapids and offers a morning session in many different areas.  Students are provided transportation from the high school (5:40 am departure time) to KCTC and back again. 


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For more details and information about students who would like to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement, please see the Michigan Transfer Agreement section of this webpage.

Coming soon! Links to Articulation Agreements between TC and other places.  

Google DocMTA FAQs & Requirements

The Michigan Transfer Agreement was designed to facilitate the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to another.  Students may complete the MTA as part of an associates' degree or as a stand-alone package at a Michigan Community College.

Starting in the 10th grade, students will work towards successfully completing at least 30 credits of coursework in six defined areas with at least a grade of a 2.0 in each.

When coursework requirements for meeting the MTA have been completed, the student may request that their transcript is posted MTA satisfied and must send an official copy to the four-year institution.  Click here to see the list of institutions.

Google DocMTA Sample 4-Year Schedule Plan


PDF DocumentMontcalm Community College MTA Application


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The Personal Curriculums a process to modify specific content expectations based on the individual learning needs of a student.  It is designed to serve any student at both ends of the continuum - a student that needs to accelerate or modify the learning environment to succeed with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  The MMC is the constant, the instructional approach or learning environment is the variable, and all students including alternative and at risk students, are entitled to have the opportunity to succeed with the MMC.  The PC mus align with the high school content expectations and remove all barriers that may limit a student's opportunity to take a challenging curriculum.

Eligibility for Use of Personal Curriculum Modification (PC)

A Personal Curriculum may be appropriate for a student who has demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • Ability in a specific skill area consistent with a career pathway and/or a post-secondary goal or plan as determined by the EDP that requires additional or specialized instruction when there are limitations in time available for elective opportunities
  • Ability to succeed in accelerated or advanced Math, Science, English Language Arts, or World Languages
  • Desire to complete Math requirements, including the first half credit of Algebra II, through CTE or other programs
  • Eligibility for special education services and a documented need to make modifications determined to be necessary because of the student's disability
  • Lake of progress on the MMC despite documented interventions, supports, and accommodations for a student with an IEP
  • Transferring from out of state or from a nonpublic school after successful completion of the equivalent of two years of high school credit

Course/Credit Requirements

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