What is ParentVUE?

ParentVUE is the online tool where parents/guardians can access school information for all of their children attending Tri County. It offers access to student and classroom information, such as recent event information (including grading period dates, conference events, school events, etc.), Calendar info, Attendance, Student Info, Discipline, Grade Book, School Info, Course History, etc.  It also allows for different types of communication from the school or district for each child.   

ParentVUE is accessible via computer or mobile app.  A feature when using the mobile app is that parents/guardians can select certain Push Notification types that would alert them via phone about their student Attendances, Grades, Discipline, etc.

How Do I Set Up a ParentVUE Account?

If you don't have a ParentVUE account and would like to set one up, please contact your students building to request an Activation Key.  Once you use the Activation Key to create a user login, you will see student information for all of your children.  Here is a link to a PDF DocumentGetting Started in ParentVUE guide.

Updating Your Information With ParentVue

Parents/guardians have the ability to update certain contact information in their ParentVUE account. (via desktop/laptop or the mobile app)  By clicking on the Student Information option in ParentVUE, you're able to change/edit your student's emergency contact information.  Parents/guardians can also update their own information (address, phone number, email address), by clicking on My Account, where you can view and change/edit the information. 

For security and verification purposes some of the information does need to be changed with the building offices.  


What is Intouch Notification System?

Intouch is Tri County Area Schools' robo call and email alert system used to notify parents/guardians and staff members about urgent matters such as school closings/delays, and distribute information about other timely issues and events.

Student and Parent/Guardian contact information is imported and updated from our student information system (Synergy) on a regular basis.