Success Virtual Learning Center

The partnership Berrien Springs and Tri County has already noticed positive gains in many areas within Tri County Area Schools. With the reengagement of students being paramount, the virtual program has been able to access those students thought to be lost. Tri County Virtual has not only been able to enroll many students at the Center, it has been able to help retain or add to both the High School and Alternative Education programs.

The implementation of the new virtual program has proved to be successful at many levels with secondary schools. The Virtual Program has been able to help retain many kids at the High School level while helping to add to the Alternative Education Program numbers. Currently, Tri County Virtual has 59 students enrolled with more enrolling weekly.

Constant communication between the administration at Tri County Virtual and Tri County Area Schools has proven to be the catalyst for this positive growth. The Tri County Virtual Center (along with Berrien Springs Schools) hope to maintain this great relationship. We hope to a valuable asset the district and community for years to come.