Staff Directory
Name Department Position
Andersen, Lars Computer/Media Dept Teaching Staff
Bateman, Lyanne Paraprofessional Paraprofessional
Beeman, Angie Sixth Grade Teaching Staff
Bills, Michelle Food Service Head of Building
Bradford, Wendy Eighth Grade Teaching Staff
Butler, Becky Office Staff Administrative Assistant
Butler, Phil Special Services Dean of Students
Cain, Megan Seventh Grade Teaching Staff
Craft, Carl Special Services Social Worker
Force, Cheryl Food Service Kitchen Staff
Frey, Dave Seventh Grade Teaching Staff
Gibson, Kegan Special Services Teaching Staff
Goerner, Kim Eighth Grade Teaching Staff
Green, Tina Special Education Teaching Staff
Guilford, Pauline Sixth Grade Teaching Staff
Hall, Buffy Eighth Grade Teaching Staff
Heiss, Michelle Office Staff Administrative Assistant
Helfmann, Justin Industrial Arts Teaching Staff
Hetler, Tammy Sixth Grade Teaching Staff
Homrich, Cindy Seventh Grade Teaching Staff
Johnson, Brenda Phys Ed/Health Teaching Staff
Johnson, Steve Administration Principal
Jones, Terri Food Service Kitchen Staff
Kauffman, Elizabeth Special Services Title I Teacher
Kiekintveld, Sarah Special Education Teaching Staff
Larsen, Katherine Paraprofessional Paraprofessional
McNeill, Melissa Curriculum Curriculum Coach
Mead, Cory Special Education Speech Therapist
Mulholland, Tory Paraprofessional Paraprofessional
Petriella, Allison Music/Band Teaching Staff
Phinney, Denise Eighth Grade Teaching Staff
Pogue, Lindsay Special Education Teaching Staff
Prestia, Samantha Special Education Teaching Staff
Rhoades, Deanna Food Service Kitchen Staff
Sheldon, Melinda Special Education Teaching Staff
Silverman, Mindy Art Teaching Staff
Simmons, Colleen Social Studies Dept Teaching Staff
Spagnola, Kelly Sixth Grade Teaching Staff
Stevens, Joann Seventh Grade Teaching Staff
Thomsen, Kim Seventh Grade Teaching Staff