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March Issue by Brian Campbell, Board Treasurer


Dear Vikings,

On May 8th, Tri County Area Schools is asking to renew the state standard Operating Millage. There has been some confusion between the vote in May and the vote in November. The vote in May is the standard operating millage and is paid for by the non-homestead properties in our community. Non-homestead includes businesses, rentals, vacation homes, and commercial agriculture properties. Home owners who have the homestead exemption status do not pay this tax. All Michigan Public Schools are required to levy 18 mils through this Operating  Millage in order to receive the full per student foundation. The voters still have to approve that otherwise the District will suffer a loss. If voters do not renew this millage, the District will lose $2,270,000 annually or $1,161.00 per student. You can imagine that this will have a significant impact on Tri County. The only change would be a restoration of lost dollars paid by the non-homestead properties at a cost of $11.15 per $100,000 of value. Again, home stead properties(your primary residence) do not pay this and will see no change in your taxes. Make sure to get out and vote May 8th.

The vote in November is for bond debt that would be used for much needed improvements to this District. For more information regarding the November note, please visit our home page under Facilities Master Plan or contact Al Cummings at 

We are TC!
Brian Campbell