Parent Information

Medical Forms and Student Insurance Info

Medication Authorization Consent

All medications, presciption and non-prescription require a consent form.
PDF DocumentMedication Authorization form available here

Medical Action Plan Forms

PDF DocumentAsthma Action Plan form

PDF DocumentAllergy Action Plan form

PDF DocumentDiabetes Medical Management Plan form

Student Insurance

As a service to students and their families, TCAS makes availalbe a student accident insurnace plan for your child at a very nominal cost.  Information explaining the plan and details of coverage are available online at


Classroom Supply Lists


1  4 pk Crayola Markers
20  Elmers glue sticks
12  Pencils - pre-sharpened
2   Plastic folders
2  24 pk Crayons
1  bx Kleenex
1  (gal size) Ziploc bags
1  (qt.size) Ziploc bags
2  Clorox Wipes

Second Grade    

1  8 pk Markers  OR
1  8 pk Colored pencils
2  Glue Sticks
1  pk Post IT notes
3  Dry erase markers (low odor)
1  Clorox wipes
2  bx Kleenex
1  (gal size) Ziploc bags (boys)
1  (qt size) Ziploc bags (girls)

First Grade

6 Glue Sticks (.77 oz
1  8 pk Classic Crayola Markers
1  24 pk Crayons
1  8 pk Colored pencils
2  pks. Post It notes - super sticky
1  Dry erase marker - low oder
1  bx Kleenex
1  Clorox wipes