Facilities Use

Building & Facilities Use

Tri County Area Schools buildings and facilities are available for evening and special events, and for community organization events.  Use our new Online Facilities Request link to schedule your event.

For specific fees and rental charges, please contact Thomas Phinney, Facilities Director.




In order to maintain all of our facilities with reasonable costs, the following guidelines are in place.

School Programs Guidelines

In order to facilitate all school programs, the buildings will be available during regular custodian hours with the following guidelines:

  • Programs may not exceed the facility's capacity
  • Facilities will be used on weekends only when necessary
  • High school gym and stage need to be available for middle school and elementary concerts and programs when necessary.  School related programs, i.e. musicals, plays, concerts, etc. take precedence over other uses provided at least 2 weeks in advance notice is given.  Every effort will be made to adjust schedules as needed
  • Band will be limited to 2 practices under the lights (football field)
  • Groups will be assigned to smaller facilities when appropriate
  • School related fundraisers:
    • School buildings will be available for fundraisers during regular custodial time.  Buildings will be limited to 2 evening fundraising activities per year that involve the majority of the facility.  Schools requesting other buildings for fundraising activities will be charged a use fee and additional custodial costs.  Any Saturday activities may be charged a use fee and custodial fee.  Maintenance supervisor has the final decision.
    • Other school related fundraisers i.e. Senior All-Nighter, Sports Boosters, same as for schools.

Community Groups & Activities Guidelines

In order to help facilitate community groups and activities, the following guidelines will be in place:

  • Building Use Form must be completed using the online Facilities Request system (FMX) and approved at least 2 weeks prior to activity
  • Buildings and facilities are available if not used for school purposes during regular custodian hours.  Charges may apply.  The Maintenance Supervisor has the final decision.  This will be based on extra wear and ter on the facility, and extra custodial time needed to accommodate the activity.
  • Facility use may be limited because the facility can only handle a certain number of activities without damage (this applies mostly to athletic fields)  Maintenance Supervisor has the final decision
  • Any activity during non-regular custodian time may be charge a use fee and custodial fee.  Maintenance Supervisor has final decision